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Husky Fluff Bundle

Husky Fluff Bundle

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Pompom option

This bundle is so cute and would make a perfect gift for all the Husky dog people out there! The little cutie on the bag is our Pomsky, Talin. 

Bundle includes:

cosmetic bag with “Fluff it up” decal (white or black lined - chosen at random), 1 hand mask, 1 face mask, 1 lip mask (not Husky themed but good for the lips!), 1 paw print lip gloss, 5 husky stickers, 1 sleep mask (3 styles chosen at random), 1 paw shaped cosmetic sponge and a pompom keychain (color varies).

Optional: Get a pompom keychain stuffed with husky fluff (real husky fur) or a synthetically stuffed pompom with each Husky Fluff Bundle purchase!

No worries…the fur is completely clean😊 our Husky and Pomsky love to be brushed and they have fur in abundance! Husky fur can be used as stuffing, making yarn, birds nest's and more! 

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